Squishy Human Body (8+)


Ages 8+

Vendor: Smart Lab Toys

"This human anatomy set with its precisely designed parts provides hands-on exploration of how the parts fit together to make the amazing human body. A chart is included, labeling the body parts for easy identification. Kids also find fascination in the book “Insides Out” amazing pictures, true science -like learning how nine organs work together to digest food, fun facts, and clever activities written by a research physician.

  • Hands-on exploration of human anatomy
  • Explore complex inner workings of human body
  • 12-inch tall human body model
  • 21 removable textural body parts; bones, muscles & organs
  • Tweezers & forceps to remove body parts
  • Clear durable plastic exterior of human body
  • Exterior snaps together easily; holds body parts securely together
  • Designed for repeat play – take apart & reassemble again & again
  • Chart to identify each organ & a tray to organize organs
  • 32-page illustrated book written by a research physician & teacher
  • Book sections include everything from the cells to the major organs
  • A nice model for display on a bookshelf"


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