Call us at 508-888-2331 with your choice of puzzle(s) for at-store pickup (you cannot order these through the website). Please note: we cannot ship puzzles. The puzzles are listed in order of most pieces to least. Enjoy browsing!

*Note: There are 4 puzzles at the bottom of this page that you can order directly through our website because we have these in larger quantities!

Book Club 1000pc




Escape Puzzle Curse of the Wolves 759pc






Sunset Cabin 550pc  $14.99

Boston Fenway 550pc  $14.99


Wampanoag Nation 500pc (local company!) $17.99


Gradient Pink-Purple 500pc  $18.99

Gradient Blue-Green 500pc  $18.99

Vintage Butterflies 500pc round puzzle $21.99

Unicorn Garden 500pc round puzzle  $19.99

Red House and Yellow Sleigh 500pc $17.95

Puzz'art Octopus shaped 350pc puzzle


I am Buck 300pc shaped puzzle  $15.99

I am Horse 300pc shaped puzzle  $15.99

Into a New World 300pc  $18.99



Summer at the Lake 300pc  $18.99

Cats Got Mail 300pc  $18.99

Pet Park 300pc $14.99

Cosmic Exploration 200pc  $14.99

Friendly Felines 200pc  $14.99

Let's Play Ball 200pc  $14.99

Queen of Dragons 200pc  $14.99

Tub Time 200pc  $14.99

Winter Horses 200pc  $14.99

Northern Wolves 150pc  $13.99

Unicorns in the Sunset Glow 150pc  $14.99

Safari Animals 150pc  $14.99

Magical Unicorns 100pc  $14.99

Unicorn Magic 100pc  $14.99

Dinosaurs 100pc  $13.99

World of Dinosaurs+Coloring Book 100pc  $14.99

The Planets 100pc  $13.99



Gift of Fire 100pc  $13.99

Firefighter Rescue 60pc  $12.99

Horse Meadow 60pc  $12.99

Mermaid Adventure 2 x 24pc  $12.99

Diggers at Work 2 x 24pc  $12.99





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