We're Open!!

We are open to the public!! We allow a limited number of people in the store at a time. *MASKS REQUIRED* You may also use our website or call us to order for curbside pickup if you are uncomfortable coming into the store.


Call us at 508-888-2331 with your choice of puzzle(s) for at-store pickup (you cannot order these through the website*). Please note: we cannot ship puzzles. The puzzles are listed in order of most pieces to least. Enjoy browsing!


Gradient Pink-Purple 500pc  $18.99

Gradient Blue-Green 500pc  $18.99

I am Buck 300pc shaped puzzle  $15.99

I am Horse 300pc shaped puzzle  $15.99

Into a New World 300pc  $18.99



Summer at the Lake 300pc  $18.99

Cats Got Mail 300pc  $18.99

Pet Park 300pc $14.99

Cosmic Exploration 200pc  $14.99

Friendly Felines 200pc  $14.99

Let's Play Ball 200pc  $14.99

Queen of Dragons 200pc  $14.99

Tub Time 200pc  $14.99

Winter Horses 200pc  $14.99

Northern Wolves 150pc  $13.99

Unicorns in the Sunset Glow 150pc  $14.99

Safari Animals 150pc  $14.99

Magical Unicorns 100pc  $14.99

Unicorn Magic 100pc  $14.99

Dinosaurs 100pc  $13.99

World of Dinosaurs+Coloring Book 100pc  $14.99

The Planets 100pc  $13.99



Gift of Fire 100pc  $13.99

Firefighter Rescue 60pc  $12.99

Horse Meadow 60pc  $12.99

Mermaid Adventure 2 x 24pc  $12.99

Diggers at Work 2 x 24pc  $12.99





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