Kobo E-books and E-Readers

Introducing Kobo E-Books and E-Readers

After spending over a year listening to our customers about their e-reading needs, Titcomb's Bookshop is proud to launch a new partnership with Kobo! Titcomb's will now offer one of the largest e-book catalogs in the world, with over three million e-book titles to choose from (one million of which are free!). And, for the first time in Titcomb's history, we will also offer a full line of e-readers and e-reading accessories.

Unlike Amazon’s Kindle devices, Kobo’s “Read Freely” philosophy supports an open platform that ensures that people own the books they buy and are never locked into one device or into buying their books from only one source. Additionally, Kobo offers free e-reading apps so people can read conveniently anytime, anyplace, and from a device they already own— including iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets, Macs, PCs, Nooks, Sony Readers, and smartphones. Or you can buy two different Kobo e-reader models from Titcomb's Bookshop: the Kobo Mini (the world’s smallest e-reader) and the Kobo Glo (front-lit, day-to-night reading). We will also be selling Kobo’s new Android tablet, Kobo Arc—a multimedia tablet featuring crisp, full-color e-reading.
By partnering with Kobo, Titcomb's can continue to offer our loyal customers the chance to buy e-books and e-readers and support their favorite bookseller at the same time. E-books, e-readers, e-reading accessories—plus all the print books you can ever want—now at Titcomb's Bookshop.

· KOBO MINI $79.99
The World’s Smallest eReader
For the reader who’s always on the go, there’s Kobo Mini—a full-featured e-reader that fits in your pocket. Holds up to 1,000 e-books!

· KOBO GLO $129.99
Read Comfortably, Day or Night
If you like reading all day and late into the night, the new Kobo Glo with ComfortLight is a sure pick. No-glare screen, soft adjustable glow, changeable fonts.

You can purchase ebooks through Titcomb's Bookshop at Kobo by clicking here. 


 Please note: If you bought Google E-books from Titcomb's Bookshop in the past, you will continue to have access to those books.