Flying Edna Pop Up

Friday, June 23, 2023 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Come by Titcomb's Bookshop on Friday June 23rd from 1-4pm to meet local artists Kai & Fia Skye, the artists behind Flying Edna. For this event, the artists will be set up outside under our event tent with a wide display of their work! This is a wonderful opportunity to see their collections, learn about what they do, talk about their process, and connect deeper with their work. 


Flying Edna is the creative studio of Fia & Kai Skye (who you may also know as Brian Andreas). They have been writing, teaching, and creating for over 25 years. They not only write & design all their work, they also handcraft & distribute it around the world, all from their home studio in East Sandwich. 

Concerned about minimizing their impact on the environment, they choose planet-conscious practices and work with sustainable materials. There is a story to each piece that leaves their studio.

Their work is deeply personal, heart-centered, whimsical, and lovingly handmade. Titcomb's is very grateful and honored to be in partnership with Flying Edna, offering their beautiful work to our community and beyond. Titcomb's has a permanent display of Flying Edna's work for sale in the gift room. 

As always, if you see a story that you'd like different pronouns, please let us know! Also, the artists switch out pieces on our display every few months, so come by and see what's new!


From our little house nearby the sea, we write stories. We design & handcraft everything we offer here, inspired by our own practice of wellness & wonder. 

Stories are like philosopher's stones. They can make the dead dance & the living soar. They can delight & enchant & remind us to pay attention to soft voices so we can remember what we didn't know we forgot. Even the simplest stories touch us in ways we can only begin to understand. With every step, with every thought, with every story we tell ourselves & our children, we create a world.

So we offer these very very short stories in the same spirit they came to us, as gifts of possibility...

Read them. Listen to their voices inside yourself. Listen for what feels right. When you find the right story, it will guide you unerringly. We don't know how or exactly why this works, but we know that it does...


Event address: 
Titcomb's Bookshop
432 Route 6A
East Sandwich, MA 02537