is a new kind of online bookstore where you can buy books at an 8% discount WHILE supporting indie bookstores across the U.S.! This wonderful B-corp organization has a mission to promote and financially support the brick-and-mortar bookselling community, and 75% percent of its profit margin goes to independent bookstores.

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How does it work?

Please note: When you order from, Titcomb's Bookshop does not fulfill your order. If you have any questions on an order placed through, you must contact them, not Titcomb's.

Bookshop is very transparent about its financials; we earn a 25% commission on every sale generated from our affiliate page, and every time you buy a book they will show you how much of your sale is going to indie bookstores.

When to use and when to use

You can still use our website for books that we have in stock, books that we can order, audiobooks (through, eBooks (through Kobo), gift cards, and to see all of our upcoming events, our newsletter archive, and more. We ask that you use our page (there is a link on our website) to order books that we don’t have in stock to be shipped to you in as soon as 2-3 days (shipping is taking longer than usual at the moment due to COVID-19)! 

Benefits of shopping on our website: 

  • You will earn points towards a credit with our Frequent Buyers Program. 

  • You receive 20% off all adult hardcover fiction books.

Benefits of shopping on

  • You receive 8% off any book. 

Why go to and not Amazon?

While we love contributing to our community through store events, advice and recommendations for shoppers, human connection through conversation, and outstanding personal service; we recognize that our curated selection of books doesn’t always fit your needs! Though we try our darndest, our store is too small to hold all the wonderful books out there, and that’s where comes in. They have a massive inventory! Plus, you can still get some of the personalized shopping experience on our page as you get when you come into our store. We will have regularly updated lists of staff recommendations, favorites from different genres, what’s on our front table, and more! Taking advantage of is a great way to support us AND get exactly what your lovely, bookish heart desires!

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