Death on Tuckernuck (A Merry Folger Nantucket Mystery #6) (Paperback)

In the Category 3 winds of a late-season hurricane, Nantucket police detective Merry Folger and her team attempt a rescue off the secluded island of Tuckernuck—only to discover a deadly secret.
As a Category 3 hurricane bears down on Nantucket, Dionis Mather and her father have their work cut out for them. Their family business is to ferry goods and people back and forth from Tuckernuck, the private island off Nantucket’s western tip, a place so remote and exclusive that it is off the electric grid. As caretakers of the small plot of sand in the middle of the Atlantic, the Mathers are responsible for evacuating Tuckernuck’s residents, who range from a stubborn elderly native who refuses to leave her family home to the abandoned summer house pets of an absentee NFL quarterback. But as the storm surge rises and the surf warnings mount, Dionis has to make a choice: abandon whatever—or whoever—was left behind, or risk her own life by plunging back into the maelstrom. Even she has no idea what evil the hurricane is sheltering.
When the coast guard notifies the Nantucket police of a luxury yacht grounded in the shoals off Tuckernuck’s northern edge—with two shooting victims lying in the main cabin—detective Meredith Folger throws herself into an investigation before the hurricane sweeps all crime-scene evidence out to sea. Merry is supposed to be on leave this weekend, dancing at her own wedding, but the Cat 3 has thrown her blissful plans into chaos. As her battered house fills with stranded wedding guests and flood waters rise all over Nantucket Island, Merry has her own choice to make: How much should she risk in order to bring a criminal to justice?
Francine Mathews has spent part of fifty summers on Cape Cod and Nantucket. She attended Princeton and Stanford Universities, where she studied history, before going on to work as an intelligence analyst at the CIA. She wrote her first book in 1992 and left the Agency a year later. Since then, she has written twenty-seven books, including four previous novels in the Merry Folger series (Death in the Off-Season, Death in Rough Water, Death in a Mood Indigo, Death in a Cold Hard Light, and Death on Nantucket) as well as the nationally bestselling Being a Jane Austen mystery series, which she writes under the pen name Stephanie Barron. She lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

Product Details ISBN: 9781641292603
ISBN-10: 1641292601
Publisher: Soho Crime
Publication Date: May 11th, 2021
Pages: 256
Language: English
Series: A Merry Folger Nantucket Mystery
Praise for Death on Tuckernuck

"A mystery that’s so suspenseful it’s hard not to skip a chapter to see if certain deeply likable characters are still alive . . . The novel lives and breathes New England island life, with a plot brimming with the best kinds of rude surprises."
The Washington Post 

"A story of murder and mayhem set against a chilling storm that threatens all of New England...what makes Death on Tuckernuck so riveting is Mathews' description of the storm and turbulent sea." 
The Denver Post

"If you’ve never experienced a hurricane, this is the next best (or worst) thing to it, as the author describes in vivid detail the power and devastation it can cause . . . a fast-moving story involving greed, murder, and the will to survive." 
Mystery Scene

“A wedding, a hurricane, and a murder combine in a breathtaking mélange . . . An exhilarating, page-turning blend of mystery, detection, romance, and people-versus-the-elements.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Gripping . . . Readers will keep turning the pages to see what happens next. Mathews once again displays her storytelling powers.” 
Publishers Weekly

"Nature’s fury and the frantic, batten-down-the-hatches scramble to protect man and beast make for gloriously tense reading . . . the race against the clock is thrilling, and the remote island setting, where everyone knows their neighbors and police must do without state-of-the-art crime labs, makes the title a good fit for fans of rural or small-town police procedurals."

"A striking page-turner . . . Mathews is a gifted storyteller, able to keep both storylines pumping with adrenaline and shreds of hope." 
Kingdom Books

"The mystery is a cracker...If you want to read books that make you feel as though you're experiencing life on Nantucket Island, you need to read Francine Mathew's Merry Folger series. It also goes without saying that, if you want to 'experience' a hurricane without actually living through one, you need to read Death on Tuckernuck."
Kittling Books 

"Fast-paced from beginning to end . . . Death on Tuckernuck thoroughly intrigued me with its exotic locales, vast assortment of interesting characters, and suspenseful action." 
Gumshoe Review

Praise for the Merry Folger Nantucket mysteries

“Wonderful . . . Nantucket and its impenetrable fog and characters come to life.”
—Diane Mott Davidson
“What a treat to have a new addition to one of my very favorite series! Francine Mathews’s prose is elegant, her heroine appealing, her setting vivid, and her characters shine. For mystery lovers, the Merry Folger books hit every note.”
—Deborah Crombie, New York Times bestselling author of Garden of Lamentations
“An admirable, well-written series, with Folger evolving into an ever more complex character as love and loyalty collide with her professional pride and ethics.”
The Orlando Sentinel
“​Mathews is a story teller, and she has a fine sense of time and place. Her descriptions of Nantucket make you taste the salt air, and the drawl of the long-time residents puts you on the island​.”​
—The Denver Post ​