Last Flight Out: True Tales of Adventure, Travel, and Fishing (Paperback)

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Whether he's looking for wild orangutans on Borneo or diving off the coast of South Africa, Randy Wayne White is one of America's most adventurous travelers. Now Randy's back in Last Flight Out, a brand-new collection of essays keeping us up to date on his latest excursions. Randy White is a "mover" and has no time for people who can't keep up. Join him as he dives in the infamous lake called the Bad Blue Hole on the desolate Cat Island in the Bahamas. Search for the perfect hot pepper in Colombia, and closer to home, go raccoon hunting in Pioneer, Ohio, where the hunted almost always outsmart the hunters. Get in the ring with Shine Forbes, an eighty-year-old fighter in prime condition and Ernest Hemingway's former sparring partner, and go on a secret mission to steal back General Manuel Noriega's bar stools. Though he rarely finds what he's looking for-such as the half-human, half- alligator creature known as "Gatorman"-he cultivates his unique ability to revel in the unique and comical situations of each exotic trip. From a jungle survival school in Panama to a week at a professional wrestler's training camp, White leaves the reader mesmerized by the potential of undiscovered places and the promise of endless adventure in unfamiliar territory. An icon of the new breed of thick-skinned, high endurance travelers, Randy White is the real deal.

About the Author

Randy Wayne White, a former fly-fishing guide whose "Out There" column ran for many years in Outside magazine, currently writes a monthly column for Men's Health magazine. Among the many books he's written are The Sharks of Lake Nicaragua, Batfishing in the Rainforest, Last Flight Out, and the "Doc Ford" mystery series. His novel Sanibel Flats was chosen as one of the 100 Best Mysteries of the 20th Century by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association. White is the winner of the Conch Republic Prize for Literature and the John D. MacDonald Award for Excellence in Florida Fiction. He also served on the Florida Judicial Nominating Commission for four years, and currently serves on the Florida Bar Association Grievance Committee. He lives on Pine Island, on Florida's southwest coast.

Praise For…

"There's more than a little of the old Hemingway code in these pages. There are right ways to do things. And there are no wrong turns, only new roads that might lead to something or someone interesting." -- Miami Herald

Randy Wayne White is always an entertaining read. His life is a wannabe's dream and a poser's nightmare. His essays are conversational tales of daring and do that are just plain fun to read." -- The Reel News

"He is a masterly writer, evoking people and places with a minimum of words." -- Tribune & Times, Tampa, FL

"White spins most yarns with contagious enthusiasm... [and] the ease of a born raconteur, deftly sketching all manner of colorful characters." --Bee, Sacramento, CA

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ISBN: 9781592283347
ISBN-10: 1592283349
Publisher: Lyons Press
Publication Date: June 1st, 2004
Pages: 243
Language: English