Spells for Living Well: A Witch's Guide for Manifesting Change, Well-being, and Wonder (Paperback)

Spells for Living Well: A Witch's Guide for Manifesting Change, Well-being, and Wonder By Phyllis Curott Cover Image

Spells for Living Well: A Witch's Guide for Manifesting Change, Well-being, and Wonder (Paperback)


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Discover the magical power of Witchcraft and spellcasting, and manifest clarity, healing, and transformation for yourself, others, and the natural world.

We're all seeking inner peace and ways to make meaningful change in our lives. But during troubled times, how can we find a way out of overwhelming stress and negativity? Allow leading Wiccan priestess Phyllis Curott to open the door to the realms of real, life-changing magic.

Spells for Living Well is an essential guide to the empowering magic of spells. Working with the elements, the natural world, and your own inner magic, Phyllis guides you through each spell with clear, vivid explanations. She helps you work at your own pace to discover your natural ability to tune in to the divine magic within and all around you. You'll also learn how to craft your own spells.

This transformative spellbook invites you to manifest positive change in many of the daily issues affecting us in modern life—from climate change, to disconnection, to stress and anxiety. Phyllis weaves together her powerful Witchcraft wisdom and magic to teach you:

· positive energy spells to relieve anxiety and find calm within
· healing spells for living in peace and harmony
· banishing spells to break bad habits and cycles
· true love spells to open your heart and draw love in
· empowerment spells to create a life of joy, love, and grace

Magic and manifestation are waiting for you in Spells for Living Well. When you focus your mind and intention and take consistent action, you’ll be able to create a new, more connected, and empowered way to live.
Phyllis Curott is a leading Wiccan priestess and founder of the Temple of Ara. She is a spiritual pioneer, an attorney, and the best-selling author of five books, which are some of the most widely published books on Witchcraft and Wicca in the world. Phyllis was named one of “The Ten Gutsiest Women of the Year” by Jane Magazine and was inducted into the Martin Luther King, Jr. Collegium of Clergy and Scholars. She received the 2020 Personality of the Year Award from Kindred Spirit and the 2018 Service to Humanity Award from the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary where she teaches.

Phyllis is the only Wiccan Trustee of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, serving as the Program Chair of the historic 2021 Parliament, where her invitation was accepted by Pope Francis and the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church. New York Magazine has called her teaching on Witchcraft the culture’s “next big idea” and Time Magazine has published her as one of America’s leading thinkers. She continues to write, teach, and lecture internationally on the embodied spiritual wisdom of Mother Earth, Nature's 'secret magic', and why the world needs Witches. www.phylliscurott.com
Product Details ISBN: 9781401971168
ISBN-10: 1401971164
Publisher: Hay House UK
Publication Date: October 25th, 2022
Pages: 304
Language: English
Spells for Living Well is a refreshingly clear book that is a joy to read and full of creative insights. If the idea of ‘casting spells’ is new to you, this book will open your eyes to the potential of the magical art to change our lives for the better. If you are an experienced witch, Phyllis Curott’s wisdom will help you reflect on and deepen your personal practice.” -- Vivianne Crowley, Ph.D., High Priestess of Wicca and author of Wild Once

“Phyllis Curott walks her talk and lives her craft—all that she does is aligned with the highest integrity and light. It’s teachers like Phyllis that make the world a brighter place!” -- Kyle Gray, best-selling author of Raise Your Vibration

“Forged in love, written in kindness, this book is perfect for any witch who is just getting started and is feeling a little nervous about where to begin. If you follow the steps outlined in this book, you’ll be confident in your practice by the time you get to the end. Seasoned practitioners too will love this refresher course, where you’re encouraged to open up, let loose, and dive into a nature-based magical practice that places the earth at the center of all that is sacred.” -- Amanda Yates Garcia, author of Initiated and host of the Between the Worlds podcast

“Phyllis Curott provides an extremely helpful guide to empowering your life through magic, regardless of your experience level. Written with warmth and clarity, Spells for Living Well is an uplifting and accessible guide that is sure to assist you in enchanting your life for the better from a highly regarded Witch with decades of experience.” -- Mat Auryn, best-selling author of Psychic Witch and Mastering Magick

“From the moment Phyllis Curott bravely stepped out of the broom closet as one of America’s first public Witches, she has been showing us how to live both well and magically. Loving her latest offering with spells for everything from Self Awareness to Grounding to simply having a Magical Day, along with tips, herbs, oils, and other details honed and passed down to us, all in her upbeat, down to earth, and common-sensical approach to stepping out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary joy of a life well lived.” -- Caryn MacGrandle, creator of the divine feminine app

“What an absolutely beautiful and uplifting book that makes everyday magick not only approachable but also achievable. Phyllis graces us with her years of wisdom and uplifting insight so that we too can manifest our desires into reality. This uncomplicated and effective approach to magick is a must-have guide for anyone who is looking to bring more wonder and well-being into their life.” -- Desiree Roby Antila, astrologer and author of Sun Signs in Love

“An innovative and enchanting 21st century guide to making magic and working with the powers of Nature, with foundational philosophy for beginners and longtime practitioners alike, from a beloved and experienced Wise Woman Priestess of the Craft.” -- Rev. Selena Fox, High Priestess of Circle Sanctuary