Garden For The Senses: How Your Garden Can Soothe Your Mind and Awaken Your Soul (Hardcover)

Garden For The Senses: How Your Garden Can Soothe Your Mind and Awaken Your Soul By Kendra Wilson Cover Image

Garden For The Senses: How Your Garden Can Soothe Your Mind and Awaken Your Soul (Hardcover)


Revive your senses and achieve a renowned sense of serenity through gardening.

Our five senses — sight, touch, hear, smell and taste — are what connect us with the world around us. It’s also what distinguishes our humanity in many ways. This inspirational gardening guide is a celebration of these senses and how they rejuvenate our very being through the act of gardening.

Find out how this heartening gardening book can show you that by simply being outside you can be grounded and calm. You’ll learn which plants to grow to nourish both your mental and physical well-being and more:

   ⃦ Separate sections on each of the senses, as they walk the reader through customizing their outdoor space for the best sensory experience.
   ⃦ Inspiring and evocative pull-out quotes and phrases help to heighten the understanding of each sense.
   ⃦ The clear and engaging text explains how each aspect stimulates a particular sense.
   ⃦ Beautiful and atmospheric photography brings the subjects to life.

Immersing yourself in nature, whether it is smelling the scent of fresh flowers or strolling through a garden, has been known to be very effective in improving one’s mood and energy. This enlightening guide walks you through all the different senses so you can tailor your garden to your specific needs and personal preferences. Sensory gardening is for everyone!

Be inspired with fresh new ideas on planting and maintaining your garden, which you can put into practice quickly and easily. This guide to gardening shows you how you can improve the sensory enjoyment of your outside space no matter where you live and plot size. 

Garden For The Senses makes the perfect gift for gardeners, growers, cooks, designers and nature lovers. It is also appealing to those gardeners seeking a more sensory and mindful approach to gardening and who want to understand why being outside is so vital for wellbeing.
Kendra Wilson is a UK-based gardening writer. She writes regularly for magazines including Gardens Illustrated and The Telegraph and also contributes to House & Garden magazine. She is a longtime contributor to the American style blog Gardenista. Her first solo book, My Garden Is a Car Park and Other Design Dilemmas, was released in 2017.

Product Details ISBN: 9780744048063
ISBN-10: 0744048060
Publisher: DK
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2022
Pages: 176
Language: English